Opening Times

                                           Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                       7am- around 5.30


                                             Bank Holidays                                  CLOSED


Pre-School Children 

£4.75 p.h Minimum 6 hrs

Providing funded places Please  Contact me 

School children

Up to 1 hr in the mornings £5 

Before 7.30am please ask for price

School Holidays

£4.75 p.h minimum 6hrs

Current Vacancies for Early Years

From 1st January 22

 Monday, Wednesday. 

Between 7am-5.30p.m

Glory Farm Area of Bicester

Happy to do stretched funding

Very Reliable, I have about 16 working days off per year dates are set 

each year so you can plan in way in advance. 

No Sick time in 10 yrs. 

Double Vaccinated

Contact details

[email protected]

Thank you