School Children Childcare

As I offer consistent childcare many of the children I child mind for come to me as toddlers  and sometimes babies they often stay in my childcare until going to Secondary School, some even stay for longer. Good relationship form between all the children in my care, and its good to have a mixture of ages, many of the younger children look up to the older ones and greatly benefit from this, and the older children love to have the younger ones around, so with varied ages it feels like an extension of family life, I would like to say not only do the children build good relationships with myself but their parents too.

When having a new child joining the setting I will make sure that the child will not only be right for the setting but will also be right for the existing children, this has always been important to me and has worked well, in fact many of the children get involved with the others outside of my provision. 

Term time

A typical time after school will include, having a snack together and talking about their day, sometimes we have discussed and decided on an activity before hand, and sometimes spontaneous and extended on . Most days there is a chance to be artistic or cooking, films with hot dogs or popcorn, construction sets, computer etc, the children like to go out to the park on a nice day after school take football or other equipment out,  they love picking apples and blackberries, they like to take Bella my cockapoo with them. I very much believe in children making choices but also have firm boundaries

Depending on the ratio sometimes I will take them  out on the bus, meals out.

School Holidays

School holidays are the children's favourite time as they get to go out almost every day with their friends from the setting, they always ask who's coming the next day. The children are very much included in the planning of both activities in and out of the setting, we are out every day weather permitting or the children are too tired out. 

We do lots of activities which involve using public transport, Cutslowe Park Oxford, (water play, sandpit, train, park area and the amazing bug and butterfly house where they can have a real insight into nature turtles, guinea pigs, the birds and butterflies are really tame and will land on the children. 

Hinksey Park, water sprinklers, lakes, walk, sandpit and park.

Various Town Council Events. Oxford and Bicester Libraries. Museums, University Parks.Cinema. Bicester Village Wooden Park. Train, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut. Apple and Blackberry picking. Walking bella, feeding the ducks. 

Banbury Canal Walk and Park. 

Arts and Crafts at mine, computer, various toys, camp play, dressing up.